Translation services
We offer you a wide range of high-level professional services:

♦ written translations
♦ proofreading (text and style editing)
♦ copywriting

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Please contact us to find out about the costs of our services.
The price is calculated depending on the number of characters in the source text, the complexity of the text and the terms of translation.

To assess the quality of written translation, it is necessary to make a great effort, so evaluation of translation quality is not always carried out.

In order to adequately assess the translation, the assessor should ideally have good command not only in the area of knowledge and the source language, but should also have an idea of interpreting nature.

If the quality of evaluation is considered from a scientific point of view, then you can try to build some kind of a system with clear evaluation criteria.
However, translation of practice areas and corporate interests is unlikely to be at any sense.

Considering the above and basing on the experience the following can be identified:
- Quality of the translation is rarely the depth and viewed from all sides;
- Quality of the translation is usually viewed rather subjectively;
- Comparing the price and quality, customers often prefer the lowest possible prices, but the quality is the periphery.

We guarantee confidentiality for all services provided. The contents of materials to be translated and other information known to us is not disclosed to any third party without the client’s prior permission.
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