EU Lifelong Learning Program Grundtvig workshop 2013

Grundtvig Partnership Project Intercultural Competence of Parents in Cross-cultural Families

2005 - 2007
Grundtvig 1 projekts UNEC

2004 - 2005
Grundtvig 2 projekts INMAD

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EU Lifelong Learning Program Grundtvig workshop

“The Aspects of Practical Tuition of Reading and Writing Literacy in Adult Education: European Dimension”

from October 14th, 2013 to October 18th, 2013 in Riga, Latvia.

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Project „Intercultural Competence of Parents in Cross-Culture Families” interpreted by students of art in Baltic Expro 2012

On November 13th 2012 a project „Intercultural Competence of Parents in Cross- Culture Families” was demonstrated in „Baltic Expro 2012” in Vilnius, Contemporary Art Centre. Baltic Expro 2012 was an artistic interpretation of Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian „Comenius”, „Grundtvig”, „Leonardo da Vinci”, „Erasmus” un „Nordplus” projects. The exhibition was a part of the conference „Assessment of mobility achievements”.

The project „Intercultural Competence of Parents in Cross-Culture Families” was visualised by Lithuanian student Jonas Anicas. His installation was made as a messy combination of variety of new, modern and old usual things. Some of them were isolated as a private space. The young artist believes that nowadays the children have to support their parents in developing of new competences. The trainer of the original project Tatjana Melehova said that the installation made visible responsible attitude of young generation regarding their own culture und their vision about the future.

Organizers encouraged looking at visualized projects artistically. Totally 16 projects got their visualisation by using different artistic technics and materials. Most of the visitors were excited about the creative and extraordinary way of demonstrating projects.

Project „Intercultural Competence of Parentsb in Cross-Culture Families” interpreted by Lithuanian student Jonas Anicas .

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