The project “Exchange of Experience and Best Practice of Intercultural Trainings” is directed to exchange the experience and best practices of intercultural training contents, core-elements and culture specifics. It is important to figure out the national, culture-specific didactic and understanding of intercultural trainings, the correlating needs and demands as well as the culture-specific interactivity with the participating trainees.
The project was implemented in terms of Socrates Grundtvig 2 action of the European Commission. The learning partnership is a framework for smaller scale co-operation activities among organisations working in the field of adult learning. Compared to the translational co-operation projects, which are product-oriented, the learning partnerships focus more on the process, and aim to broaden the participation of smaller organisations that want to include European co-operation in their educational activities.
The project has been developed by the coordinating organisation International Institute for Managing Diversity (INMAD), Austria with co-operation of two participating organizations: the Business and Development Centre (BD-Center) from Poland and SIA VALDA from Latvia. All the partners have practical experience in the sphere of intercultural training and consultancy for adults.
The target of the project is to accomplish a nationwide investigation and analysis of existing trainings, to work out a country-specific intercultural training in each partner country, to summarise and evaluate the experience in order to get a clear picture of a situation in the field of intercultural training in the project participating countries: Austria, Poland and Latvia.
The main project activities are collecting the data about the existing training programmes, designing and processing questionnaires to work out a country-specific intercultural training, to organise and host partner meetings in each participating country, to publish materials resulting from the project activities, to accomplish Internet based activities and to disseminate the results among the partner countries.
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